VITAL Legal Nurse Consultants posses several key skills that make us valuable additions to a law firm’s team. Peak among them is our ability to interpret medical records. Using our training as medical professionals, we are able to quickly evaluate medical records and delineate them into comprehensive summaries. Our attorney clients can then quickly read, understand, and put them into action. 

Merit Review

VITAL can help attorneys identity strong cases and prevent them from taking on weaker ones.

Medical Record Analysis 

 Our report will include adherences to and/or departures from the nursing standards of care, including violations of state of federal laws and regulations as applicable. If breaches occurred, we will assess whether or not those breaches caused harm to the patient, so you can determine whether making a claim for negligence or medical malpractice would be worthwhile. 


VITAL Legal Nurse Consultants wade through the records to create a timeline of critical events that serves as a working document throughout the case. We create customized timelines to fit your needs. The timeline can be a valuable guide to the medical record for your expert as it contains facts only and where to find the facts in the medical record. 

Medical Record Organization

Streamline and organize the medical records making review of the records more efficient saving your legal team time.  

Expert Witness Services

We have a vast network of medical expert witnesses in all clinical specialties and we will find you the right professional for your case.

Litigation Support

Whether for mediation or trial, VITAL helps you develop trial graphics, medical charts, illustrations and powerpoint presentations essential to making your case.