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When medical expertise is VITAL, we have your legal team covered.

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The VITAL Advantage

Your law practice depends upon being able to understand critical information. This is especially true when dealing with issues involving medical records. If you do not know what to look for, you will not realize you have missed it.

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Meet VITAL's Team

Our experience is now available to attorneys, such as you, who deal in personal injury claims, medical malpractice actions, where medical records are involved, or any other situation where the review of medical records is essential. Our talents can also free up your paralegals so they can focus on the tasks that require their specific expertise. 

Allison Dickson, RN, BSN, LNC

Owner/Lead Consultant

 As a Registered Nurse with eighteen (18) years of experience, I have reviewed thousands of medical records to identify key facts, issues, and deviations from the standard of care.

Shelly Marie

Managing Director

As an experienced managing director, I provide inspiration, motivation, and guidance while directing the company's operations ensuring VITAL achieves its objectives effectively and efficiently. 


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